Selling Your Home in Orlando or Central Florida

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Selling Your Home: We Do It Honestly, Fast & Efficient.
You have come to the right place. Zembala Group, based in Orlando, is ready to work for you!

We pride ourselves on our consultative approach.  You are an individual; with certain needs, wants, timeframes, and requirements.  Instead of a canned speech and company fliers, we’ll sit down and uncover what’s important to you.  Let’s put together a comprehensive strategy that makes sense for your particular situation, setting us up for success.

We like to go over the comparable sales together, creating buy-in, allowing us to act as a team.  We’ll discuss how an appraiser will come up with value. We are there to educate, not dominate.

We’ll analyze your next move; where you’ll be and how that market is moving. What timeframes we should expect based on market trends.  What clauses to include, when to initiate certain action steps. We’ll determine how to maximize the chance of a seamless move to your next destination.

Tips to sell your home in Orlando quickly:

1. Prepare & update your property before listing it:

Houses and condos always sell faster and sell at a higher price if they are prepared and updated BEFORE you list them for sale. Because Zembala Group is an expert in renovations, design, and marketing; we can help you decide what steps you should take to update and improve your property before you list it for sale. We can visit your home in Orlando or Central Florida and give you a complimentary consultation that will help you learn exactly what you should do to prepare your Orlando house for sale so that you will have a home that buyers are looking for!

2. Choose a Orlando REALTOR® that will accomplish your goals:

You want an Orlando real estate agent that cares about you, cares about your home, and cares about the results that you get when you sell your home. Finding an Orlando real estate agent that meets those requirements is not easy; but if you choose Zembala Group, that’s exactly what you will get. We will do everything in our power to meet or exceed your goals when you hire us to help you sell your property.

3. Get a Comparative Market Analysis to learn the real value of your property:

You may already have a general idea of what your home is worth based on what other homes in your neighborhood have sold for, but a good real estate agent like Zembala Group can prepare a comparative market analysis for you that is a detailed and more concise version of any research you may have done on your own. A comparative market analysis will help you evaluate how your home will fare against the other homes on the market and it will determine the best and highest price you can list your home for.

If your property is priced correctly you should, on average, get 1 offer from every 7 showings. In a typical market you should receive about 1-2 showings per week. If you are not getting offers on your property, you should follow my tips below:

If your property isn’t getting 1-2 showings per week or better, it’s very likely that your price is too high and you will need to reduce it.
If your property is getting showings, but you are not getting any offers, you are likely losing those offers to better quality properties so you will need to reduce your price to compete, or improve the property.

Where Real Estate Buyers Actually Come From

Determining where a buyer found the home they purchased has always been a hot topic. The reality may surprise you.

According to the National Association of Realtors, the statistics are as follows:

  1. Internet – 51% (up from 2010)
  2. Real estate agent – 34% (down from 2010)
  3. For Sale or Open House sign – 8% (down from 2010)
  4. Friend or relative – 4% (down from 2010)
  5. Direct relationship with the seller – 4% (down from 2010)
  6. Print newspaper – 1% (down from 2010)
  7. Magazine – less than 1% (down from 2010)

The data indicates a growing trend that more and more buyers are going FIRST to their computer to identify potential homes that they like. In our ultra-high-net-worth market, the client typically contacts their Realtor to communicate the type of home, location, and amenities they are looking for. In turn, the knowledgeable Realtor, familiar with the local inventory, is able to provide listings and, if appropriate, arrange a private showing. From a seller’s point of view, they almost always ask the Realtor “how are you going to market and promote my house?” A common misconception is that printed flyers and magazine ads sell homes; however, the data above indicates that money spent on print marketing is a complete waste, given that the vast majority of buyers find their homes on the internet and through a Realtor. All real estate agents use both the Multiple Listing Service and our personal networks to find homes that are already listed, in addition to locating new listings not yet in the MLS. The bottom line is that how buyers find homes has changed dramatically. That being said, having a highly qualified and connected broker continues to be an invaluable asset when finding and purchasing a home, and when selling one.

Allow us to exceed your expectations.